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“Never heard of searching for unique places using Artificial Intelligence? No surprise.
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How does it work?

1. Tell us about your dream place

Tell us the basic outlines of what place you are looking for by filling in a short form at he bottom of this page. Our team will get back to you shortly to explore the options and confirm all the criteria we will look for.

2. Get up to 5 best matching locations

Our proprietary geospatial and AI algorithms will search every place in the Czech Republic to find the precise location of your dreams. Within 48 hours we will prepare and in-depth analysis of the top 5 matching places.

3. Track new listings

Chances are, that once you find your perfect place there will already be something for sale. If not, don't worry, we've got you covered - we will monitor the property market for you so no listing goes unnoticed.

“Give it a try and see what our innovative engine with more than 70 search criteria and over 27 million places can find for you.”

Our services


A retreat by a lake for a family of four

Our client wanted to find locations for his 4 member family. His priorities were:

  • close to water as the family enjoys sunbathing and water sports
  • very close to or in a forest
  • no more than 100 km from Plzeň
  • within 20 km from their grandparents’ place


20 km radius around Malá Skála municipality

Once decided on the location, our client wanted us to monitor the market for new listings across:

  • Sreality
  • Bezrealitky
  • RE/MAX

“Our client saved almost 23 hours of checking and searching for location per month.”

Your place, your criteria

Especially in the real estate business, there is nothing like one size fits all. The quality of your choices and decisions will directly influence your future quality of life.

Don't spend on the overpriced locations

Why would you pay extra for the in-demand places that everybody knows of when you can find a better and cheaper place of your own that is not trending yet?

27 million places, 70+ criteria to choose from

We have gathered an unparalleled amount of information about each and every place in the Czech Republic so we can fint the best one for you.

Your satisfaction is important to us

Our goal is to assist you in finding the perfect place to live based on your criteria. If you are not satisfied with the recommended location, we offer a 100% refund.


Property scouting

CZK 3 200 /month
  • Monitoring of new listings
  • Price change monitoring
  • Top 5 retailers included
  • Daily update

We will monitor for you the major online real estate market players and we will summarise for you daily increments in property listings in locations of your choice.

location search

CZK 28 750
  • Up to 5 referential places
  • PDFs with location description
  • List with nearby points of interest
  • Free property scouting (1 month)

Based on the specific criteria of your search, we will find up to 5 referential locations within the Czech Republic. We will send the results to you with a comprehensive descriptions and will search for existing properties on the market. If there won’t be any at the moment, we will keep on monitoring the market for a period of 1 month, free of charge.

professional services

... upon request
  • Cold mailing to owners
  • Legal services
  • Financial services
  • Interior design services

There is much more we can do for you to really get you the place of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to inquire about other services we provide.

100% money back guarantee*

Questions & Answers

What are the typical requests you get?

It depends if you search for a place to live, vacation house of your dreams, or a property to invest. In general, people often look for places close to specific addresses (work, friends, relatives…), somewhere they can do the things they do every day (dropping  kids at schools, doing grocery, sports…) – but also close to places they can escape the daily routine (forests, golf courses, lakes, ski resorts…). Everyone is unique and we always try to find the most amazing place no matter how challenging the request is.

Why don't I simply ask a real estate agent?

You can, and you probably should if you know the real estate agent has a deep knowledge of the specific location you are interested in. If, however, you are not sure about where your dream place truly is or if you want to cover more than one particular region …the traditional experience-based real estate business might seem a little impractical and outdated.

How exactly does your search work?

Everybody knows the few “good” places to live or invest in. We know the best places, all of them. How? We found the prefect blend of computer-aided search and expert, human touch to bring you the dreamy places you never thought existed. Our team systematically gathers and organises gigabytes of various geographical data and using our proprietary algorithms we first narrow down the search. Then, once we arrive at a limited number of specific areas, we manually review the results one-by-one, augment them with additional insights, and handpick the places you’ll love. Simple, right?

How do I get my search results?

Every identified location will be described in a separate PDF file with pictures, location details and nearby points of interest. We can either print the results or send them to your email. Our preference is email – it is fast and suits our planet – but the final choice is up to you. 

How do I pay for the services?

You simply transfer the money to our account with specific transfer details. It is easy.

Tell us what you look for...

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